Juniors - Senior Promenade

Harvesters Bible Academy held the Juniors-Seniors Promenade on Friday evening, February 15, 2008. It was well attended by students, faculty and alumn, and leaders of the PFCBC-Philippines.

The main purpose of this special event is to "pass the torch" from the outgoing senior class to the the rising juniors. They are charged with leaving a Godly legacy moreso than their predacessors and to uphold the integrity of the school and the PFWBC Philippines.

The speaker for the service was Rev. Raymond Davis, Bivocational Missionary to the Philippines.

The evening was finished with a special prayer over the students as they continue to grow in their learning and for their future ministries. At the conclusion of the event, a special meal was prepared by the ladies of Harvesters and we all had good fellowship together in the Lord.

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